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Welcome to Cody – 109 PA

Welcome to Cody, Northern Gateway to the New West. Home to the First Royal Heavy Calvary and several of other Merc groups. It is a town/city of 42,000 up nearly 5000 from five years ago.

Being about 900 or so miles due west of Freehold in Tolkeen Cody has grown from a Trapping lodge and a handful of ranches and farms to a bustling town of Mercenaries and now refugees from Tolkeen.

Cody has a tech level of about the 1950’s, there power and running water to about 95 percent of the homes and business in the city limits, power is a mix of Coal generate, geo-thermal which given the area is super easy to tap into and some solar. All of higher tech items are imported from other areas. That said Cody’ generally charges book prices to 10 percent more for items and repairs.

History of Cody

Government in Cody

Locations in Cody


Hickok Heights


Earp Industrial Area

Outskirts of Cody

Police, Military and Militia

Royal Cody Mounted Police

Gangs of Cody

Dark Wolves Thieves’ Guild

Death Dealers


Blood Axes

Mercenary Companies based in Cody

First Royal Heavy Calvary

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