First Royal Heavy Calvary

  • Sponsorship: Independent Operative 0 points
  • Outfits: Specialty Clothing 20 points
  • Equipment: Medical Clinic, Magic Technologies, and High-Tech Technologies 100 points
  • Vehicles: Combat Cars 20 points
  • Weapons, Power Armour and Robots: Advanced Weaponry 20 points
  • Communications: Deluxe Communications Network 25 points
  • Internal Security: Iron Clad 20 points
  • Permanent Bases: Company Town 40 points
  • Intelligence Resources: Special Military Operatives, Psionic and Magic Operatives 30 points
  • Special Budget: Large Loans 25 points
  • General Alignment: Scrupulous/ Principled 10 Points
  • Criminal Activity: None 0 points
  • Reputation/Credentials: Excellent Reputations 25 points
  • Salary: Excellent Salary 20 points

Total points Spent: 310 points

Company Size: Mercenary Army 3000 men.

Description: The First Royal Heavy Calvary is the evolution of the John’s Roughriders into a part national army of Cody and a group of do gooders that just happen to get paid for their work. John’s Roughriders rode the New West as a Horse based Calvary unit. Back in when they were founded in 62 P.A., it was John, his brothers Earl, Jack and Sue, Cousin West, and dozen friends. in those day John’s band was more like a raider group than anything. the first two years the ran as scouts in the Pecos empire for several of the Raider groups in there. After being back stabbed by their fellow raiders, the Roughriders joined forces with the remains of several other minor gangs to form the Pecos Roughriders, they spend 10 years running bounty Merc work for the CS before a double Deal by an officer from Lone Star soured their taste for CS money. John had be come a cool headed leader by this point and expanded into the New West while still running the occasional venture in the Mid-West running for non-CS related Contracts. In 77 P.A. John met Drake and hired him on as extra muscle. Soon it was clear that Drake had great leadership qualities. By 83 P.A. Drake had become a full partner and second in Command. John’s Roughriders had slowly moved from money only driven outfit to a larger Merc group more often than not with a heart of gold. In P.A. 97 John retired to Cody, leaving his share to Drake. Since then the Biggest contract they have is the defense of Cody which occupies one third of the force at any given time. This contract is worth no profit as it is at cost, but it pays the men and woman’s salaries. Most of the other contracts are based on using smaller units that the 2 thirds left over. No contract can be less than a troop in size. Over time they have become Rivals with the First Apocalyptic Calvary, and the two groups can’t stand each other. The First Royal Calvary takes soldiers from any race and OCC, their only requirement is that person can ride a horse. Recruits from Cody can enlist without knowing to ride, it will be taught in training.

Tactics: being a Calvary unit, the tactics are hit and run or flanking attacks using the speed of Horse, Bikes, hover cycles and flying power armour.

Colours and Banners: Uniforms are based on only US Calvary uniforms, one of which John had found early in his career, They are blue with Yellow strip on the pants and yellow fill in the Rank boxes. as such they still use a US Rank System. Armour is usually Blue unless Camo is needed. Officers wear Slouch hats and enlisted wear Kepi, some members have these hats custom added to their armour made from MDC materials adding 5 MDC to the Helmet.

Notable Officers/Members: General Drake Sexton, Lt. Col. Sue Marston, Major Earl Marston, Captain West Dickens, Lt. Richard Marston, Sgt. Major Rex Murray, First Sgt. Dan Miller, Sgt. Alissia Firestones and Col. John Marston [retired].


First Royal Heavy Calvary

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