Earp Industrial Area

The Hardware Depot is Cody’s only hardware and lumberyard but it is huge and well stocked. Those looking to build cheap there is the recycled materials area filed with returns, wreaked homes and pre-rifts construction. The rest of it is decent quality construction material at high but fair prices. Owned by Lloyd London.

The London Overland Shipping Company is the premiere shipping company in Cody. They have two sub-sections devoted to wood and stone respectively. Nearly 75% of what comes into Cody and 85% of the exports. The warehouse complex has all of its buildings made from MDC material. There are four dozen security officers at any time with ten SAMAS on stand by. The shipping company is arguably the most heavily armed Merc group in Cody. The gangs don’t trouble Lloyd.

Klondike Cigar and Cigarette Company this is a nest egg business of the British Irregulars. Many of their non-Merc family members work at the place, where it run like a Co-op. They grow tobacco in green house and also grow small hydroponic crops of marijuana. Since marijuana isn’t illegal in Cody there only modest profit in this but most people agree that it is the best marijuana in the west. Klondike make cigars and cigarettes from its tobacco, the marijuana is normally wrapped in tobacco much like a cigarillo. About forty people work in the company, three clerks run the Factory direct shop. Boxes of Cigars are 50 to 60 credits for a box of 20, 10 credits for 26 cigarettes in a box. they come in regular, king size and 100mm, Marijuana is 75 credits for pack of 20.

Gestaldo’s Cloth and Clothing is a weaving, cloth making and clothing factory. It employ 150 people mostly ugly D-bees. Here the are paid well and on time and are given a great deal of respect. While it has it own security detail of 12 armed guards doing shifts of four guards, the Blood Axes also watch the place because it employs many of their family members.

Iglesias Studios is the local movie studios, they shoot largely westerns on the back lot. The sound stages provide the sets for some other scenes. Outside of town to the east there is an old Merc base that Jose Iglesias bought and uses for filming.

Dick’s Brew this is brewery makes a lager, an ale, a pilsner and a stout under the name Dick’s. All are pretty good and get trade all over the New West. Dick Winchester owns the brewery. Those willing to buy direct without wholesale account [most merc companies have whole sale accounts] can buy direct for 10%. off normal prices.

Brightshield Brewery is one of the business established by the Brightshield. They offer several beers in the range of stouts and bitters. Their one lager is their best selling brew. They sell at 15 percent off what it cost to buy in the stores. It is all Kegged in real wood barrels.

Earp Industrial Area

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