Government block

Cody City Hall, this large five story structure houses the city bureaucracy. There is a large lecture theater that hold 2500 people often used public meetings. The mayor works a rather humble office here. About 150 people work here, Building permits, fines and the

The House of Parliament contains office of lord chamberlain, the Council of Ministers and the public chamber. The west side is the executive office and meeting rooms with a public hearing room for public meetings. The east side holds the House of Commons and its 30 person chamber and the required offices for the Members and the required staff. There also plenty of room to expand within as well.

The large lot is where the department of defense is slated to go once a standing army is created.

Police headquarters and the National Militia head quarters are in this five story bunker like MDC building, one police watch is work at all times. During the day you find much of the upper command here until lest need for special events or serious crimes.

The Royal Palace built of granite and MDC material. The after his nomination built this palace with his own money. His Lord Chamberlain lives here as well. There is also a 32 man Royal Guard that guard the palace in shifts of 10 men over 12 hours. His Majesty is normally found here, unless he hunting or need for special events.

The National Bank of Cody. This is only full service bank in Cody. Back by both national reserves and investments from several of the largest merc companies. Student, car, and mortgage at between 4 and 10 percent interest. Savings accounts offer between 0.5 percent and 3.5 percent based on amounts and terms. This is also a MDC Building and usually guarded by Merc hired locally.

Merc district, this district is largely were the Mercs come to play and re-supply.

The Doghouse this restaurant is owned by a family of feral dog boys and their CS escaped friends. The fair is simple largely stews, chili and fry plates with fresh corn bread on the side. Utensils are optional here and those looking for the complete experience can have their food in the classic dog food bowl. Meals are 6 to 15 credits, beverages are sweet tea, coffee, apple juice and milk for 1 credit, beer, orange juice, wine, Jone’s pre-rifts soda are 3 to 5 credits.

The Clarke’s Weapons Emporium, one of the first things the people that help form Cody recognized was the fact the Black Market would move in before any of the big weapon supply companies. This criminal element wasn’t want even by the merc companies. The Chi-town branch of the Black Market Syndicate was approached to make a deal with them. The deal was that the Black Market could come to Cody as long as they agreed to work openly as a legitimate business and not engage in crime within the borders of the kingdom. In return Cody would not concern itself with the origin of the Black Market’s goods. The Black Market heads of the new west wing met to discuss it, no one really liked the idea but they worried that if they tried to force they in it cause near open warfare with rather large Merc company which would make other Merc companies Leary of the Black Market. Anthony “Good Son” Clarke, second son of boss Samual Clarke, suggest that it would be worth it to play by the rules and that he was the man to do it. He agreed to provide the same cut as anyone else. The first years were shaky but as Cody grew and the merc trade skyrocketed, Tony profit got much better.

The Black Market weapons carries mostly “used” weapons, armour, power armour and the occasional robot at started prices save for the current CS pattern weapons. They go for 1.5 to 2.5 the normal black market prices. Tony’s wife Maria (M.A. 19, P.P. 17, P.B. 23, all others average Unprincipled level 6 con-artist) runs the store with 8 other sales personal.

Jacob’s pawn Shop, Jacob is an old cuss of a merc, raised by farmers in CS Missouri, Jacob was the middle child in his family. Put off by his perceived favouritism of his parents, he left to be a merc. He did that for a number of years building up a good nest egg. He come to Cody just as the first big wave of building for the town. He been here ever since buying stuff mercs are tired of caring around. He pays between 15 – 25% of market value. He tries to get between 75 to 85% of the market value. Turn over is pretty good, as many see him as a way to outfit themselves or new recruits on the cheap. Energy weapons will be recharged else where and armour will be missing 10 to 15% of the MDC or missing the helmet. Jacob’s is the only place in town that buy armour without the helmet in town, that normally comes with one. He has a Scavenged Robot power supply that he uses for E-Clip recharging for standard rates.

Demonic Visages, some people are very put off by the name but this armour customizing shop is the best place to customize a Merc’s armour in the New West. Harry O’Neil owns and run the place with three artists and five armourers. Harry can patch armour for standard rates, a simple colour paint job is 500 credits, custom paint helmet work work starts at 1500, custom paint for a full suit is 4500 credits, helmet re-enforcing (adds 10 MDC) is 2500, custom build helmet to spec is 10000 credits, such helmets are equal to the current CS models and can’t be re-enforced (since they have already been so).

Narui Emporium, Trader Bob heads up this shop dedicated to Narui products. The king of Cody regulated the Narui to not take land with in a 300 miles of Cody as collateral and that they not try to move slaves through the city. Trader Bob chosen because of his rather soft heart since he was more likely to obey these rule. The Narui are happy to have this base that at least in the short term in their view is beyond CS reach. Plasma cartridge weapons are great seller in Cody with the merc trade. Currently trade in the standard size 10% in any lot greater than three boxes. A couple merc companies have blanket 15% off because of volume. The First Royal Heavy Calvary and Cody militia, future army have 20% deal (under one contract worth billions)

Wilk’s store, Joe Boker runs the store with a staff of 20. Here you can get Wilk’s products at 10% off the book prices. They will have a couple of everything in stock but bulk order [more than ten guns, will take 3 to 5 weeks] The building itself is a brick box of a building with a large MDC glass window.

The Hanged Man is a juicer bar, squishies are allowed but only as guest of a juicer, they are also required to be submissive to juicer, failing to do so generally will get said some broken bones. Most squishies have no interest in the place. The owner is a ex-juicer name Jules, Jules lived the dream, got juiced, became a merc, and detoxed when he was rich. Most of the juicers appreciate having their on bar, and don’t harp on Jules wimping out. The food is largely Mexican and Itallian, heavy on the butter and cheese and they have largest potions in town. Most entries are huge in size and most can up size to titan size. Bacon, butter and lard are common. The deep fryers use rendered beef fat instead of oil. Deep fried breaded sticks of butter are a favourite of many juicers. Meals are 30 to 50 credits drinks are 8 to 12 credits, the butter sticks are 10 credits.

Cody Gentlemen’s Club is a high class strip club, the Cover is 150 credits Lap dances are 200 credits, the Champagne Room 300 Credits and Drinks start at 15 credits each. The Woman are all Human save for three Elven beauties. Only Men are allowed in, the Chief Bouncer is name Frederick and he is a Crazy [level 10], three of his personalities have Girlfriends among the strippers.

Jennie’s is a bar and grill that often has live entertainment. Weekends Jennifer Iglesias sings for the crowd a series of covers from pre-rifts times. Her album is for sale at the bar as well. Local talent makes up the rest of the talent. Jennifer is constantly fighting the rumour that she is easy, she has many suitors but she is saving for a man that really loves her.

XXX Merc is an adult theme store and production company. The company’s video disks are merc or western theme. They shoot outdoor scenes at the Iglesias studios lot, her brother owns that. Gabriel Iglesias is the brains behind this operation. She is a mixed Mexican and Irish descent so her flaming red hair with her ravishing beauty made her company its early money, Now a rotating cast of 200 and. Shooting staff of 30 makes it so Gabriel only needs to star in a feature once and while, more because she wants to over any real need. some of her features have mixed races elves of course are popular, surprising dwarves and orcs are surprisingly popular as archetypes for strong men. The Brightshield sisters have star in a few features and are almost as popular as Gabriel.

Pride of Zaliver Hall is a tavern owned by the three sisters Helga, Helena and Brenda of the Brightshield head family. They are breathtakingly beautiful especially for dwarven women and they been known to dance on the bar topless. The head bartender is Thorin Brightshield, the eldest brother, he is also the main bouncer. He has a sour disposition about the current lot of his family. He is very protect of his sisters, and grumpy uncle to the waitresses. For those who can stand him, they will find his plan spoken advice to be more helpful than not. The fare is largely traditional dwarven fare which is some what bland to most folks, though salsa goes surprisingly well with most of it. People generally come to drink here and/or watch the girls. While the Pride is not in anyway a brothel several of the waitress will take fees for after-hours work. The sisters do not do that, it is a try your luck with them.

Bandito Emporium, not surprisingly this is the Bandito Arms Shop. It is run by Juan Gomez and a Staff of 12. It functions under the same agreement as the other Black Market Shop in town. Given that Bandito Arms is more of Arms manufacturer of arms than the Black Market is, this works fine. One can usually find a number of the Bandito SAMMAS here as well as other arms by the Manufacturer.

Brightshield Mercenary Contracting is owned by Dorin Brightshield, a brother of the famous sisters. Dorin arranges largely short term contracts for smaller Merc groups (generally less that 90 fighting members). Most of this work is monster demon hunting for communities and businesses though some escort work is normally available too. Dorin is also the primary contact for his brother’s Fili’s Merc group.

Merc Ops have a office in Cody. Sam Smith [level 7 headhunter] is the main Cody agent. Merc Ops does a good Bounty business. Crime is low but the win fall of certain crimes and the bounties that community raise makes up for. Other smaller Merc contracts are often found here.

The Silken Glove, this is a borg only bar, water down drinks are available to borgs a 1 credit each. The cover is 75 credits an hour or 300 for the entire night. It is run by Dr. Dave Conner, a former CS psychologist specializing in cybernetic psychology. Borgs can dance with hosts or hostess of the gender they prefer. There is also poker with chips bought from a house dealer for 5% of the total. There are 20 private sound proof room available for 55 credits a hour. Dr. Conner tries keep his staff in a therapeutic mind set but several have or have develop fetish attraction to borgs. This still allows them to be effective at there job, but Dr. Conner would fire them if he knew.

Mod Men Clinic here anyone can get Borg, cybernetics, crazy implants or juicer conversions done if they have the cash. Most North American parts are available here, with the occasional German or Japanese parts for 15 percent below cost (5 percent for German and Japanese parts). Crazy implants are 20 percent less than book price for both standard crazy and wired gunslinger. All the common juicer variants are available at book cost. Because several doctors were employed in Kingsdale mega juicer facility, Mega-Juicer possible for 1,200,000 Credits. Care is second to none, success 98%

Four Aces Casino is the biggest and most luxurious Casino in Cody. It is air-conditioned [something that draws many in the summer], drinks are free if you gaming at the tables, 1 or 2 credits at the Slots. Gambling in casinos is strictly regulated, the original owner of the Four Aces was caught cheating, all his assets were take by the government and he exiled after serving a term of five years of Hard time. Currently the owner is Steve Young, a scholar from Lazlo, who managed to make some serious money one night at the poker table. He bought the Casino with his winning when it came to auction after it ten years under the government. He bought it for a song as those with money seemed to out of town on the day it was for sale. Many believe he paid someone in government for a date switch on the property. Steve runs a fair Casino and pays his staff well, he take salary as a day time manager so is less concerned with profit. He is currently the most eligible bachelor in town, as a result he often surrounded by 5 to 10 woman trying to get his attention.

Magic Guild Chapter House is the centre of the magic in Cody. Unlike many cities the magic related businesses are not surrounding the Guild hall. The Guild is group of magic users that have a vested interested in keeping magical related items and users are accepted in Cody especially with the influx of refugees from the Tolkeen who are bring a very mixed example of dangerous and evil magic. The current Guild master is a Elf named Drake Illusion [Scrupulous level 15 Wizard] who lived in the area for 17 years. The building is build of solid Granite from the Rockies transported by magic to the City and was build by a stone master that moved on to other places. The walls have been magically enchanted and the wall is 100 MDC per foot of wall. Inside visitors will find a very medieval style rooms. The First floor is meeting rooms, the second is Great hall often used for Guild functions. The Third and Four floor is the guild library. Here on can find books on different dimensions, magical styles from dozens of worlds, and even some spell books with common low level spells.

Those allowed members ship are Wizards, Diabolists, Summoners, Ley Line Walkers, Shifters, First nation’s Shamans, Cloudweavers, Conjurers, Techno-wizards, Mystics, Magus, Stone Master, Temporal Wizards, Druids, Necromancers, and Elemental Fusionists [also know as Warlocks]. Membership is 1000 credits per level of experience per year. Many members donate more credits, items or time teaching students. Prospective members are expected to not have a criminal record in Cody. Relations with the Federation of magic, Grim Reapers, and like groups of mages will be examined if noted. People are reviewed on case by case basis.

Training is often available but tends to be geared for those that are already mages. Time is normally donated from members, with tactical and use of spells being the most common. Occasionally some one will share a spell with the Guild. The Guild does keep a list of people interested in learning the Magical Arts in Cody for those members looking for apprentices, but doesn’t run a School of magic in Cody.

The Guild is run by the Guildmaster, and Council, the members of the Council are Magistrate, Treasurer, Chief Librarian, Secretary and Ward Master. The Ancient One, a Age old Human with a long white Beard [Scrupulous, Great Horned Dragon Ancient level 14 wizard, Level 7 Summoner] is the Magistrate, Damion Smith man looks 50 years old [Unprincipled, level 10 necromancer, 3 level Lay Line Walker] is the treasurer, Scrooge Falken 150 year old Dwarf [Unprincipled, level 11 Techno-wizard] is the Chief Librarian, Eddy Walish 30 year old Human [Scrupulous, level 9 Conjurer],

The Alchemist’s Shop is a classic Alchemist shop, taken from any fantasy novel. The Shelves with in are lined with old books, skulls, bones, vials of different coloured liquid, glass jars with dozens of different coloured powders. A wizened Elf of about 700 years named Air Disessin runs the shop. He has a number of Magical items at double the price that many are use to charging for his services and items, his selection is very much linked with other worldly magic over techno-wizardry.

Fred Supernatural Repair Shop is a Techno wizard shop, often specializing in Engines, Energy Cells and weapons. Most standard Techno wizards items can be found her at 10 percent over book prices. TW .38. Are 15 percent of because Greg Ibonni loves to make that weapon. He usually carries two TW 38 on him at all time. Why is it called Fred’s? Well Greg though it sounds more trustworthy than Greg.

Herbs and Reagents is a Store filled with Herbs and those organic and inorganic bits that magic users seem to use. It run by Doris Chatwood [Aberrant, level 10 Herbist] and Joe Harden [Aberrant, level 8 summoner] Prices are normally 1.5 to 2 times what one would normally pay but they are the only people in town with reliable supply of many of the things they care in town.

Andrew’s Magic Helpers this techno-wizard shop is filled with little objects to make thing easier around the house or the camp. Most Items are 50 to 300 credits and do normal household chores powered by magic. Andrew is a level 10 techno-wizard, and his wife is a level 9 Ley Line Walker. they are members in good standing in the magic Guild thought the stuffy members of the Guild are not very forgiving on the every day nature of their products.

The Underworld is a Merc bar that has three level each below the other. Each has decor to match a different underworld based human religion and myth. The first layer is called Niflheimr after the Norse place for the dead that do not die in battle. Kept at a cool 60 degrees it is popular in the summer. The walls are painted with winter plain with distant pines in the distance. Tables are white with blue lights instead of candles. The dour maids that serve on this level are know for their cool reserved manner. They are dressed in Norse like attire for women. Pickled herring is a favourite here no one is sure how the owner gets it as it is the only seafood on any menu. The rest of the dishes are simple fair that sticks to your ribs and if need be could be cooked in a fire.

The second layer is called Hades, kept at 72 degrees and the walls are painted with murals of the titans and their punishments. Black marble columns, stalactite and stalagmites abound as a cave like theme of Hades abounds. The table are clad in black clothes The waitress are dressed in classical Greek fashion the food is largely Greek and Italian dishes.

The third level is called Hell, it kept at 80 degree but 0 humidity. Here the cavern decor is more reddish hued with red table cloths and it lit with gas lights or braziers. The walls have paining of Satan on his throne and masses being tortured, the rear wall has wanted posters of people wanted currently dead or alive. The waitresses are either dressed in skimpy out with tails and horn headbands or red tight catsuits with small bat wings and a tail. A lot of Hispanics and First Nation women work in Hell because their look fits the image. The menu in Hell is filled with sinful food and even more sinful deserts. Only cocktails are served in Hell, many have sex or other sin like name.

The Executioner’s Rest is owned Drav Sathic, an orc originally raised in Chi-town ’burbs he became wanted for killing a ISS officer. He left Chi-town and join a merc company. The Rest and the locals call it is his retirement job. It unofficially the assassin and Hitman Club house so many people give it a wide birth unless they happen to be one of those two groups. That said those want people removed from the population can often come here and hire the removers. Drav is a Blood Axes member so there normally a few Blood Axes around most of the gang recognized that they are out of their element. Drinks are 5 to 10 credits, the food is mostly steak and potatoes dishes between 20 credits and 50 credits.

Brenda’s Flowers is run by a mutant cat from Lone Star, her husband and her were members of the Royal First Heavy Calvary for a number of years before she got pregnant and her husband was killed in action. She retire after her death and mourned quietly until she open this store with her retirement money and her husband’s death benefit. The Heavy Calvary buys only from Brenda, for all of the activities the need flowers for. Many Mercs in the area have followed suit. Her work is simple but beautiful. Flowers are 7 to 55 credits depending design and vase used.

Blasters and E-Clips is the publishing office for the magazine of the same name. Edited in Chief and Publisher Sam Wisk and his staff of 30 puts out North America’s best guns and Gun accessories magazines. As to be expected it Banned, in the Coalition States. Well read everywhere else in North America. An issue is 5 to 15 credits in most places.

Furries ‘R Us this Brothel is strictly mutant animals aimed at the non-mutant market. The term caught Foxy Chloe after her escape from Lone Star when she took refuge in what use to be a Library of some kind. Making her way west she developed a plan to create a Erotic and Exotic place where Humans would pay top dollar for mutant company. 30 Females and 15 males make up the Staff in this posh harem style Brothel. The Dark Wolves Thieves Guild provides the security. There is a 100 credit cover, drinks are 10 credits and up, and Lady’s time starts as 300 credits for something like a lap dance to 3000 for an entire night.

Temple to the Light is devoted to the light side of the pantheon of Light and Dark was established by Garn Helstom Ogre priest of Ra ( Principled level 6 ).

Temple to Anhur is popular with mercs of all stripes. His head priest, Fark Sesiris (aberrant, level 12 priest of darkness) is a scarred veteran of dozens of wars over an equal amount of dimension. This is his retirement home. He is assisted my his young wife Ida Raliy (anarchist, level 4 Priestess of darkness) an orc comrade name Sal (unprincipled, level 13 Palladium merc solder)

Dave and Dilion’s Toys is a toy store owned by a human woodcarver and a dwarf stone carver. The two of them make careful created wooden toys, stone and wood chess sets, book ends in stone, stone and wood checker sets, backgammon sets, and toy chests.

Temple of the Northern Pantheon is a temple that succeeds do to the war like nature of almost all of their gods. The temple has priest of every god and goddess of the pantheon because dimensional Rift in the northern wilderness that the priest considered a sign from the gods. That brought them to Cody 10 years ago. The mercs proved ready converts. Nominally they are led by a dwarf named Thoron Steelforger (scrupulous, level 12 priest of light.) The worshiper can often be brawling in a good natured way with the followers of Odin and Thor across the way.

Temple to Odin and Thor. It has small shrine to other Norse gods and goddesses. The head priest of Odin is Farith Knutson ( unprincipled, Priest of Light) Occasionally Brawls with Thoron over which god is better.

Joe’s Barber Shop is a standard barber shop that does hair cuts, hot shaves, and beard trims. Mostly caters to men, but women especially female mercs with short hair use it too. Hair cut is 20 credits, shave is 5 credits and a beard trim is 6 credits. Four Dwarven brothers own the place.


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