Deadwood is normally considered the bad End of Town, at the far West of Town

Better Bodies Build is a decent chop shop, the best in Deadwood. They only use new parts and charge 5 to 10 percent more for them. They will however install cybernetics or bionics that someone brings in for standard surgery cost and a 500 to 1000 credit cleaning cost. The clinic has a 90 percent chance of no complications. The Dark Wolves Thieves Guild has a controlling stake in this operation. Their members get 20 percent off.

Hef’s is a sleazy overdone strip club (and unofficial brothel). The women are totally uninhibited and willing to do anything for a price. The decor is Roman palace with fake gold everything. It is owned by Hef, a freeborn rottweiler dog boy, with reputation for getting the ladies. The girls run the brothel out of eight rooms in the back. They also turn tricks in the Champagne Room, I guess Chris was wrong.

Club 54 is the local comedy club. Owned by Billy-Bob Foxworthy who does a lot of red neck jokes based on pre-Rifts comedian of the same last name. Several others ply the comedic trade. Billy-Boy managed to get his club to be neutral ground by Cody’s gangs. No one is quite sure why he was able to do that.

Hole in the Wall clinic is owned by Jonna Walkin [miscreant, human level 8 Cyber doc] and his wife, Brenda Walkin, [miscreant, human, level 9 body fixer]. He pays 25 percent for cybernetics, and 30 percent for bionics. No questions asked. He charges standard rates for installing. The clinic has a 78 percent chance of no complications. The clinic does a tidy little business fixing up gun shot wounds and the like, since citizens that come in with such wounds to the hospital have the causes of the wounds investigated by police. Those looking for parts can normally get them for 30 percent below retail. Bionics are 20 percent below.

Oscar’s Trash Can is actually a used weapons shop run by a grouchy freeborn gorilla man, son of two of Bradford’s escapees, his fur is green because of his parents being green, why his parents had green fur mystifies Oscar, much the same as their escape. Oscar is operator of some skill and buys broken weapons for 5% to 10% and rebuilds them from parts and sells 75% of market. Oscar also charges e-clips for standard cost, though some time someone want a number of them charged can get 10% off. Oscar well buy used weapons at 25% of new value as well. Many Mercs like Oscar for his cheap weapons and his willingness to buy anything.

Rosie’s Cantina the Merc bar is a favourite of gunfighters, gunslingers and the occasional Justice Ranger. Rosie is a breath taking woman of Mexican descent with raven black hair and black eyes that a man could just fall into forever. Her staff is almost all women, many of them beautiful Mexican women many answer to Feleena. Drinks average between 3 and 8 credits. Mexican food dominates the menu, thou in season there is a great spinach and raspberry salad for 10 credits most of the other food is 8 to 20 credits.

Tribal Designs is a tattoo shop where Ivan the Terrible [ Human, level 7 headhunter, I.Q. 14, P.P. 24 rest average] does a number of tattoo designs, as one might guess Tribal style dags and other tribal patterns are popular. Ivan gets a supply of special ink from the Federation of Magic that allows him to Tattoo mega damge beings as well. Works on most MDC creates save ones of Magic or divine in nature. Ivan also does percings and brandings. Normall tattoos are 40 to 350 credits, MDC tattoos are 600 to 1500 credits, Percings are 10 to 100 credits depending on the location and skill need. Brandings are 50 credits and Ivan hans a wide assordment of irons. The Gangs leave Ivan alone because of combantion of fear and the Ten percent off he gives all gang members.

Pleasures is an adult store that sells video disks imported from Lazlo, Northern Gun and even the CS. They also have Adult Novelties, toys and board games. Run by two orc sisters with the help of an ever changing staff of helpers. Stuff starts at 50 credits and goes up to 350 credits.

Death’s Parlor is a juicier bar and hang out for the Death Dealer gang. The gang are the only squishes allowed in. The owner is a full conversion borg name Oscar. Oscar was in a fire fight during a gang war and had his lower legs blown off being a juicier kept him alive but he when straight to detox in the hospital knowing he never make the money back as a juicier. He became a full conversion Borg with his savings. His gang begrudgingly accepted soon after he won the bar that would become Death’s Parlour in a game of cards. The exterior is a simple concrete and steel building that is a minor MDC structure. On the inside it is done in black and white version of a Victorian style parlour. There is bar on the main floor with a rentable dinning or meeting room. There are seven other rooms on the second floor and eight on the third used by the staff and gang for apartments

Naples’ Pizzeria is a mom style pizza at reasonable prices. They charge 5 credits a slice, 8 for a small, 10 for a medium, 12 for a large, 15 for an extra large. Each pizza comes with three toppings. The pay the blood axes 15 percent for protection. It own by four orc brothers that were orphaned at a you age and adopted by a woman running a pizzeria in Firetown. The ISS of Chi town killed their adoptive mom and they fled with the ISS on their heals, they kept moving west, eventually they met up Tolkeen refugees heading west and when with them to Cody. Hocking what little they had salvaged they when to work in the only business they knew. They are well loved in Deadwood. Despite their Gang protection they don’t harbour ill will against humans and everyone is welcome at their place.

Fix’um Shop is another body chop shop, owned by of all things an Orc Cyber doc who is a member of the Blood Axes. He pays 20 percent for cybernetics, and 35 percent for bionics. No questions asked. He charges standard rates for installing. The clinic has a 82 percent chance of no complications. He fixes up he own gang friends at cost. Those looking for parts can normally get them for 25 percent below retail. Bionics are 15 percent below.

Weekly News of the World is a tabloid of rumour and lies. Run by Fred Smith and his wife the couple will print anything interesting. They both see it as entertainment. Generally the people of Cody do too, however sometimes they create a panic.

Reid’s Pawn Shop is a place where the desperate pawn there goods for drug money. Reid has a poor memory when it comes to questions about item and has been caught with stolen good he normally manages to weasel out of it though. Reid is a human (miscreant, level 7 city rat thief) who belong to the Dark Wolves Thieves Guild. He is fence for the guild and often hires adventurers to take stuff to the Baronies or El Paso where contact get rid of it. At his shop he pays 50 percent of the items value for pawn item getting 60 percent back within 15 days. If they are looking to sell he gives 30 percent of the its value. He has a huge list of contacts for any rare items that come in.

1001 Dreams is a brothel and drug den with an Arabian night decor. All kind of drugs are found here at high prices. Mercs like to come here and numb the pain of war. Both opium and marijuana are popular as the cheap fixes. Designer drugs to put out juicier are available for those that want to be numb. A man named Akbar (human, aberrant level 6 shifter) runs the place. There are firm rules for the staff about not stealing from clients. There are 12 armed bouncer/security at all times further any of the prostitutes have combat training as well and can defend themselves if need be. At least three changeling work the place adapting as need (all are level 9 headhunter assassins). The gangs stay away as each who have messed with 1001 Dreams had a high ranked member die as a warning. No one know who owns the place other than Akbar.

Honest Al’s New and Used Autos, Hover bikes, and RVs is the local auto dealership. Al is a honest man making a modest profit on his goods. His new stuff is 10 to 15 percent more than book price as shipping and small lot prevent him from being able to be cheaper. Trade ins get 35 to 55 percent of value to a stock item. He. gives 20 to 40 percent when buying a vehicle. He sells used vehicle at 70 to 85 percent of their standard new price depending on his input to fix the vehicle. His honest dealing has given him a good rep in Cody. Because of his lack of racial discrimination. The Blood Axes are very protective of him, his staff and his lot.

The Roost is near the edge of town in Deadwood but the gangs do not trouble it at all. Of course that is because it is run by a group of gargoyles and gurgoyles. These are mostly women folk as the men are generally Merc scattered over a dozen local companies. It was built with the saving from these gargoyles about ten years ago. The first floor is a lobby with two restaurants one for near human size people and the other for giant sized people the lobby has 26 foot ceilings, the second floor is 12 foot ceilings and 30 rooms each room is simply furnished with sturdy furniture. The third to fifth floor has 26 foot ceilings, 15 rooms each room is clone of it smaller cousin and similar furniture. The roof has many ledges and roosting poles. The roof is largely gargoyles only. The staff are friendly and considerate. They can quickly calm down most people and diffuse tense situations. They serve all and have no hate for anyone. The human rooms are 45 credits a night and the giant rooms are 70 credits. The human rooms are almost always full. The giant rooms are usually no more than 1/3 full. Human size people can rent giant rooms and it is currently trendy for the adventurous of Cody newlyweds to do so. The staff and family live in to well secured basement levels. The building itself is MDC structure and the tallest building in town.


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