Hickok Heights

Valueway Supermarket is a supermarket based on pre-rifts designs. Part grocery store, pharmacy and department store. One can find most foodstuffs for about 5% less than local market. They have their own line of can and dried goods package in Cody. They also carry goods from Allen’s Foods in Merctown, the Colorado baronies and some of the modern natural preserves. They also collect buffalo and elk meat ranched locally by the owner’s kin. Valueway is own by Carson Hardle, [12 level rogue scholar] and his wife. His five kids each manage a department, his youngest brother manages the packing plant. There are 2 guards 24 hours every day and 2 shoplifting investigators during store hours which are 8 am to 8 pm.

Iglesias’ Meat is a butcher that established in self as soon as Cody was founded. Pedro and Maria managed to give each of their kids a 5000 credit grub stake, they have all gone to be successful despite the horrible, in their parents’ mind, those businesses are. Pedro still cuts meat with his youngest son who works just as hard as his father. They will cut up hunter kills for 80 to 600 credits depending on the creature’s size. Pedro’s own meat is 10% below market prices as he supplies meat for very large orders. He has a staff of 20 butchers and 8 counter staff. Open 10 am to 8 pm

Alice’s handcrafts and Pre-rifts Artifacts is a small country story selling knitted garments, crafts and souvenirs made locally that also deals with pre-rifts objects. Alice [level 10 rogue scholar, scrupulous] is 50 year old scholar from Tolkeen, she moved to Cody after her children had grown up, she does appraising of pre-rift items for a mere 5 credits, her craft stock is 3 to 25 credits and her pre-rifts items are average prices. She carries no weapons but will appraise them.

Hank Trieble Memorial Field is the local juicer and regular foot ball field. The warning track is used for Murder-thon. The seating holds 40000 and it is owned by the city. Tickets are 15 credits for upper bowl and 30 for lower bowl for most events. The juicer foot ball is 20 credits for upper and 45 for lower. The team is called Cody Mavericks. They have a small shop that sells merchandise for the team 10 to 10 everyday. Mercs make up most of the buyers.

El Paso Cantina, Roma’s, King’s Arms and The Dragon’s Palace share one large block. The four restaurants, they share a common kitchen and storage. El Paso Cantina serves Mexican and Tex-Mex food, the decor matches that of a pre-rifts Mexican cantina. Roma’s has as authentic Italian food that you are ever going to see in North America, romantically lit, the decor matches 1950’s Italy. The Dragon’s Palace is a Chinese restaurant with a buffet. Most of the fare is American style Chinese food. The King’s Arms is in the style of Victorian style English pub. Filled with classic pub fare, Mercs love the place but also take great efforts keep it safe. None of the local gangs hassle any of the restaurants because of the many merc patrons.

Tolken’s Books and press this book store carries many different books both Pre-rifts and current. There is selection of videos disks, mostly documentaries. Books are what is common here, though JRR as the elf that runs this place refers to himself, run the only full function digital printing press in the west. He is the only publishing house and gets a lot of printing business. A staff of 25 runs the press and warehouse. A staff of five run the book store.

Cody Gazette is the off set press newspaper in town. The owner and editor in chief is a dwarf named Raven Buffalo-chaser. Raven has a black beard dark as a starless night. He was raised by Sioux Traditionalists. He is well versed in their customs and law. He left the tribe he grew up in after a misunderstanding about a woman. Currently he is a good editor and runs a paper that sells 20,000 copies nearly every day. He publishes only what he can reasonable proof.

Doctor Clark’s Barber Shop is and old west style barber shop, Doc Clark will cut you hair and pull your teeth. An old style drill and chair sit in one window of his shop. Most of the time he cuts hair. His busy dentist days are Monday and Tuesday. Doc Clark is a trained dentist from Lazlo who put himself through school by being a barber.

Belinda’s Day Spa is hair dresser, nails, spa treatments, and other make up treatments. A staff of 12 do their best at making sure that all beauty needs are look after. Popular with all of the town women, some mercs, mostly female like to stop in and be pampered a bit. Prices are on the high side but everything is high quality.

Royal Cody Hospital here citizens can get top care as part of rights to citizenship. The hospital is non-profit and taxes plus non-citizen user fees cover all cost. The extra goes into a rainy day fund. Surgery is about 5000 to 25000 credits depending on what needed. General care is 150 credits a day, intensive care is 300 to 6000 credits a day.

Out There is a wilderness survival/ camping store owned by a Larmac named Duff (scrupulous, level six head hunter robot hunter). Duff is a surprising for his because he energetic, helpful and hard working. His store has nearly everything a merc could need for extended action in the wilderness. He also filled with information from his merc days in the mid-west, smart mercs know to get the low down from Duff before heading to the Midwest.

Gestaldo’s Custom Tailoring is a made to order suit and shirt tailor. Vinny Gestaldo is a human with a flair for making suit that make the man. Double breast suits are particularly popular. He also does alterations on suits and uniforms for those merc company that bother to have them. His suits start at 1000 credits and reach the 15000 mark for three piece silk.

Lone Star Hotel is a 60 room hotel on 7 floors, the rooms are 50 credits a night and are very basic, they have a bed, dresser, desk, and a radio. Each room has a bathroom with hot and cold running water. There is a cheap diner restaurant on the main floor, mostly soup and sandwiches, 5 to 7 credits will get you a meal.

Church of the Holy Virgin Mary is a Catholic-ish Church run by Father George Patel (principled, level 7 preacher) and his wife and family. The family built the church and the rectory where they live 15 years ago. George preaches peace and tolerance.

Beth’s Wine Shop is a place to pick up wine in Cody, the only place in reality. The prices reflect that Beth, a 60 year old human can give you great advice on matching wine with meals. Most of her stock is from Areas around Lazlo, though some come from some distant places in what was California and the interior of the what was British Columbia. These wines can be sporadic in their supply. She also has supples coming through the magic zone, most of this seems to be suppled through Rifts to the Palladium world. She charges twice what any sane person would but she is the only place in town.

Mme. Lablanc Boutique is a women’s clothing shop operated by Monique Lablanc who cultivates a French accent and cultured airs. The shop is run by her family and carries imported fashions for women from the mid-west and New German republic. She popular with the local teens and fashion plate among the cities elite citizen.

Cody Community Theatre his a community group of shopkeeper, school drama kids and even Merc with a flair for the dramatic and/or comedic. Open nearly every night with some production or another. The theatre seats 5000. The big productions every year are Grease in the month of January and Shakespeare in the summer in June and July. The pre-Rifts play Grease has strangely resonated in Cody. It been part of the community since 20 years ago when it was first performed. All races are welcome to try out and orcs, elves, ogres, grackle tooths and even a vanguard brawler have graced the stage as one of the leads. Large chunks of the community knows the play by heart. Other productions include current plays, other Pre-Rifts plays (the Theatre has one of the best collections of plays in North America.)

Annex Theatre is the second community theater. The stage is the same size as the Community Theatre but it only holds 1000

Crosshairs is a department store, some thing rarely found outside of the CS. It cares a number of goods from all over North America owned by the local shipping giant the store employs 60 people. They sell no weapons but do sell scopes and survival/camping gear. Favoured heavily by the citizens of Cody. Merc generally stay away unless the are looking for dress clothes. The store requires weapons to be locked up. Two security guards at each entrance make sure it done. There are lockers provided for such a purpose.

Ethel’s Green Houses here one can find a large supply of produce and flowers grown in a series of green houses that take up city block. They grow much of the produce in Cody all year round. Prices are fair during the spring, summer and much of the fall but rise steeply in the winter do to energy costs. Ethel and her seven kids run the green houses with the aid of 20 labourers.

MacDonald’s Distillery is the local spirit maker. they make several different product mostly based of Pre-rifts recipes. No one is sure how Angus got his hands on so many recipes. The distillery make Rum, Irish Whiskey, Scotch, Canadian rye Whiskey, Gin, Vodka, Bourbon, White Lightning, and Dragon Water. Bottles are 26 oz. or 40 oz. and range is price from 10 credits to 500 credit. Dragon water is 750 credits for 16 oz., It looks like water, tastes like water, and couple shots can kill a man. Dragons and other supernatural find that 2 oz. give them a good buzz. It is a trade secret on how it made. MacDonald’s is sold through out the west and western Canada. Many of the people around the distillery dislike the sight and smell of the building, but Angus was here first building his distillery 20 years ago when this was still the outskirts of town.

Hickok Heights

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