Outskirts of Cody

These places are just outside of town.

Batherse Stables at this stable the finest horse flesh can be found. Everything from a pony up to a trained warhorse can be found here. Bart Batherse has 20 horse trainers, several are not from earth and have different training styles. Anyone looking to learn to ride can get lessons here for 30 credits a lesson or 250 credits a course of 10 lessons

Cody Golf and Country Club runs the only known golf course in the west. 18 hole of what is alleged to be pre-rifts PGA standards. Most of the members are officers and owners of Merc companies, elite of Cody government, and the royal house and the few peers are member, the membership is quite reasonable and about three dozen normal middle class members hobnob with the rich and powerful. A few use this to get their ideas across to the government members. A year’s membership is 2500 credits, a criminal check for crimes with in Cody is required as well for security reasons. Members are charged token fee for weekends and are asked to book carts in advanced but otherwise are not charged to play. Each member can bring one guest for course play. They get four buckets of balls for the driving range a week. They also can book rooms for weddings receptions, parties and galas in the club house. Catering costs are separate as are bar costs. Non-members can get a round in for 95 credits weekdays, 125 the weekend (Friday to Sunday) foursome are required on the weekend even for members. A bucket of balls for the driving range is 5 credits. Many juicers, crazies and cyborgs like the driving range but some love the challenge of the course, where hitting for a tonne is meaningless.

The course has 18 holes of PGA grade holes and is par 72. There is also a two level driving range with several target greens and markers out to 1000 yards. There is practice putting green.

The club house has several party rooms, a grand ball room, a lunch bistro, and large steak restaurant. All are four star. Near by there is a mini-golf area and the Pro Shop. The pro shop charges 12 credits for a round of mini golf (members pay half). Tees are 3 credits for 20, a sleeve of balls are 10 credits, beginners set of clubs is 750 credits for right handed people, 900 for left handed, custom made clubs are 3000 credits to 10000 credits. Behind the pro shop is a machine shop where the craft the clubs. A dwarf named Felix Mandlehaven makes the clubs.

Cody Rodeo and Fairgrounds are where the circus and carnivals park for their stays and Local Rodeo sets up between the Third and Fourth Sunday in July.

Cody Hydro Electric this fortified set of buildings serves as Cody’s Electric power stations as such the are quite vulnerable to the occasional raid. There usually 30 mercs guarding the facility at all time, often these come from the Royal Heavy Calvary but some times other Merc companies are hired. 12 SAMMAS are on duty as well, with at least one charged to raise the alarm in Cody. 50 personnel keep the plant running.

  1. This building is Geo-thermal plant, which provides the main power to Cody.
  2. This is the coal generation plant, it provides power to Riverdale, and can be rammed up to provide even more power.
  3. This is the provide Barricksfor the Mercs
  4. Main Gate guard post.
  5. Side Gate guard post
  6. Watchtower 100 feet high
  7. Mess for Mercs and Employees on breaks
  8. Office building for the Administration, payroll and billing departments.

Outskirts of Cody

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